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Dream, and they might come true…


Dream, and they might come true…


James Vincent McMorrow - Red Dust

I will not cave under you

for my heart is an unending tomb
i will not trouble your rest
for my heart is infinity blessed

ever a hard rot
cut from an ancient cloth of old

someone is ringing a bell
it chimes through this shimmering shell
that once was my vision of birth
now is my vessel and curse

heat from the tall lamp
melting the outer wax that holds
blood from a deep cut
some of the reddest stuff to flow

sometimes my hands they don’t feel like my own
i need someone to love i need someone to hold

Red Dust video is the second in a trilogy of short films directed by Aoife Mcardl. The song is included in the album Post Tropical, to be released January 13, 2014. Watch the first video here

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